How will I know when I'm addicted to art?

If you look at your walls and see art on every wall and yet you still want more. Deep down you know there has to be more ways to incorporate art into your life. You are in love with colours and start seeing the variations in the hues everywhere you go. You think about art, think about artists, start following them on social media. Suddenly your whole feed is art and everything is art, then you know you’re addicted.

When will my product ship?

All products are made as ordered either in house, by Art of Where or by Printful. Production time varies based on where the product is being made. Once your order is completed it will enter the production stage before being shipped. Details regarding the production time are available here: Production & Shipping

What is the return policy?

It is important to review size charts and be sure that what you are purchasing meets your needs and requirements at the time of purchase.
Once an order reaches production it is not refundable unless there is a significant issue with the product when it is received. We will do our best to work with you to resolve any issues you have with the product or your order.  Products with significant issues will be reproduced and replaced.
If you have an issue with your order  Contact Us

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