Who We Are

Hi, my name is Adelle and I really am addicted to art. My art journey started at a young age and has always been a valued outlet for me to express myself and explore the world. I believe art brightens your life while touching the mind and senses. I love the challenges, the flow of creation and making a mess all with the hope of conveying a feeling, thought or moment. Art is something I will never give up. I hope it always remains a journey and never becomes a destination.
I have personally captured, crafted, and designed every product listed on the site. Every piece is a memory, a moment, a feeling that I hope you can enjoy. I believe art brings benefits beyond visual appeal. Art can change a person’s outlook and the way they experience the world.
My dog Jasmine loves treats, chasing squirrels and usually does not comment on the art.
“We have art so that we shall not die of reality” – Friedrich Nietzsche
Where We Are
We support the Canadian and local Economy. Our studio is located in Newmarket Ontario. Apparel and accessories are produced and shipped from of Montreal Quebec and Mississauga Ontario.
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“As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life.” -John Lubbock
What We Deliver
At Adelle’s Art Addiction we are on a mission to deliver more than just art. We deliver passion, fun, joy, and life through a variety of products. How you display your art is up to you. Put it up on your walls, fridge, couch or wear it to go. Our product line and designs are always expanding.
“Life is short, art is infinite”- Oscar Wilde
How We Share the Love
Art is our true joy and happiness. It is our passion to deliver products that will allow you to express yourself through a variety of styles and choices. At Adelle’s Art Addiction we’ve created a world of Art filled with all kinds of designs that explore different expressions inspired by the world around us.
Checkout our Gallery page for stories, inspirations, and details about our beautiful designs.
“ Without self-expression, life lacks spontaneity and joy.” – Lawrence Boldt
Where you Begin


#Expressyourself and explore your true passions to showcase your individuality. Delve into the artwork and add colour to your life! Let your brain and body feel the joy artwork brings as we encourage you to begin your addiction to art.
Checkout our Gallery page for stories, inspirations, and details about our beautiful designs.
Join our community online and use #expressyourself to show us how you express yourself through art.
“Great Art Picks up where nature ends” – Marc Chagall

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